Mokume Gane 18kt Yellow Gold and Montana Sapphire ‘Polynya’ Ring

I hand-fabricated this conversation-starting Mokume Gane laminate ring using 36-layer 14K rose gold, 14K yellow gold, and shakudo (2k red gold) backed with sterling silver. The ring features a modified cushion rose-cut light teal Montana sapphire, 0.94ct, 5mm and a sparkingly vibrant pink cushion-cut Montana sapphire, 0.22ct, 3.5mm. The bezels are hand-fabricated 18kt yellow gold. The ring is roughly 11mm at its widest where I set the sapphires and 6.75mm wide at the base. The band is approximately 1.4mm thick and 4.5mm deep at the teal sapphire.

Size 7.75 is available.

*This ring can be sized down or up from about a size 6.5 up to 10.

Just let me know what size you need in the ‘notes’ section during checkout.

I mined both of the Montana sapphires from the Eldorado Bar in 2019 at Blaze ‘n Gems. I faceted the light teal rose cut in 2021 in my own improvised cushion design and the pink cushion in 2022 in the design ‘Easy Cushion’ by Robert Long. They are both natural and untreated (no heat).


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    14K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, Shakudo, Sterling Silver


    Mokumé Gane





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    • Caring for Your Jewelry

      Caring for Your Jewelry



      To prolong the life of your fine jewelry and protect it from damage, we recommend the following care:

      Activities to Avoid While Wearing Your Jewelry:

      The following activities will expedite the speed of oxidation of your jewelry, and potentially cause damage, especially to stones. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not wear your jewelry while:

      • Swimming;
      • Using cleaning chemicals;
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      • Lifting heavy objects (e.g. lifting free weights, carrying metal furniture, yard work, etc.);
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      • You can remove tarnish from silver on the inside of a ring with a silver or general jewelry polishing cloth. (NOTE: if you use a polishing cloth on the patterned Mokumé surfaces, the polish may temporarily make the pattern difficult to see. The pattern should return as the metals oxidize in reaction to the environment.)
      • If a polished stone inlay has become dull, you may want to return it to us for re-finishing.
    • Ring Fitting

      Ring Fitting

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    • About Mokumé Gane

      About Mokumé Gane

      What is Mokume?

      Translated from Japanese, Mokume Gane means wood eye metal. It is a layered metal that is used to make jewelry and other fine crafts. It was first developed by Denbei Shoami, a Japanese master metalsmith, for use as decoration on sword hilts and handles.

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    • Options for Special Orders

      Options for Special Orders

      A special order based on this design can be created. Special order pieces can be made in most metals, and the inlay, center stone, and accent stones (if applicable) can be modified based on your preferences in most cases. Please contact us for more information using the “Ask us a Question” form on this page.

      Special order delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Rush deliveries are available for an additional fee. Engraving is available upon request and ranges in price from $15-$30.

      Every piece is handmade. Variations will occur.

      For a completely custom design, please visit our Custom Designs page.

    • About Mokumé Gane Laminate

      About Mokumé Gane Laminate

      My normal Mokumé Gane sheet is 1.5mm to 1.6mm thick and when part of a ring or pendant is often soldered to a .41mm thick piece of backing metal, anything from stainless steel to 18kt gold. The laminate uses about half as much Mokumé for the same suface area. I use an approximately .5mm to .75mm thick piece of Mokumé and fuse or solder it to a .75mm to 1mm thick piece of backing metal.