Caring For Your Jewelry



To prolong the life of your fine jewelry and protect it from damage, we recommend the following care:

Activities to Avoid While Wearing Your Jewelry:

The following activities will expedite the speed of oxidation of your jewelry, and potentially cause damage, especially to stones. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not wear your jewelry while:

  • Swimming;
  • Using cleaning chemicals;
  • Applying lotions and perfumes;
  • Lifting heavy objects (e.g. lifting free weights, carrying metal furniture, yard work, etc.);
  • Washing dishes;
  • Engaging in any activity that results in a sustained amount of time in water;
  • Engaging in any activity with potential damage to the hands, such as rock climbing, auto repair, construction, etc.

Recommended Cleaning of Your Jewelry:

  • Use a mild, non-abrasive soap and warm water.
  • For particularly dirty jewelry, gently clean using a soft toothbrush with mild soap and water.
  • You can remove tarnish from silver on the inside of a ring with a silver or general jewelry polishing cloth. (NOTE: if you use a polishing cloth on the patterned Mokumé surfaces, the polish may temporarily make the pattern difficult to see. The pattern should return as the metals oxidize in reaction to the environment.)
  • If a polished stone inlay has become dull, you may want to return it to us for re-finishing.