Client Collaboration: Repurposing old keepsakes

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old wedding rings? Wonder no more.

Past. Meet Future.

We recently worked with a couple that no longer wore their original wedding rings. As a symbolic representation of their love and an important part of their story, they didn’t want to get rid of the rings or have them sit, ignored in a drawer. But, they didn’t know what to do with them. We turned their keepsakes from the past into a necklace for the future.

Their daughter’s idea, and initially approached by the couple’s son, we were given the sense that this would be a very significant and special piece of jewelry. Our clients wanted to combine their two rings into one piece that would be a symbol of their unity. With this in mind, we sketched eight design possibilities.

Sketches for custom design - Christopher Taylor Timberlake Fine Art Jewelry

Chris’ design concepts 

They decided on an overlapping, intertwined necklace that reflected their style and their desire to create a family heirloom. With great respect and care, we meticulously crafted their original wedding rings into a new piece they both loved. Now, their rich family history and the story of their love and marriage will be passed down with this beautiful necklace for generations to come.

Christopher Taylor Timberlake - 14k white gold wedding necklace with Canadian diamond

14k white gold wedding ring necklace with a Canadian diamond

Your keepsakes become new again

Have an old keepsake you’d like to repurpose into a new heirloom to wear into your future? We would love to work with you on creating your new custom-designed piece.

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