An Uncommon Material

Meteorite is not the most common material for jewelry so naturally we answer many questions and address many concerns about how meteorite should be worn and how it changes as it is worn.

Does Meteorite Rust?Piece of Raw Meteorite as it looks in rough form

Meteorite is composed of iron (and nickel), which means that it does have the potential to form rust.

Meteorite Jewelry Allergies

Some people are sensitive to iron and/or nickel, so meteorite jewelry may not be for everyone. Our rings are made with an inner band and rims of gold, silver, or stainless steel to minimize direct contact with the meteorite, but it is possible for the surrounding fingers to react. If you have sensitivities to other metals, it is possible that you will also react to meteorite.

Widmanstätten patterns and how our rings are madeWidmanstätten Pattern

The crystalline pattern, known as Widmanstätten, is formed as the meteorite is cooling. The jewelry is etched in order to accentuate this patterning. Each one is unique and varies. It is not uncommon for cracks, divots, etc. to be present in the piece. This is part of the formation of the meteorite.

Meteorite Jewelry Care Tips

To keep your meteorite jewelry looking great, we recommend removing it prior to activities that could create rust or heavily burnish the metal, such as swimming, weightlifting, yard work, etc. Rings should be removed prior to contact with chemicals and cleaning solutions. If rings are not removed prior to these activities, the pattern will become less visible, and there is a risk of damaging the rings. Regardless, the patterning will become less visible in rings as the metal comes into contact with surfaces in daily wear, but it is possible to restore it by etching it again.

Coatings On MeteoriteWidmanstätten patterns and how our rings are made

We often have clients ask about coating the jewelry with some type of clear protective layer. We do not recommend coating it because the coating will wear off eventually, but not evenly and not all at once. Because of that, it’s possible for moisture enter in a spot where the coating has worn off, but then become trapped. That is when rust can become a real problem.

How Our Rings Are Made

Our rings are one solid continuous circle of meteorite. There really is no beginning and no end. An inner band and rims are soldered to the meteorite. Then it is etched to enhance the Widmanstätten patterning.

Muonionalusta Meteorite

We also have clients ask which meteorite we use. Most of the time we use Muonionalusta, which is classified as a fine octahedrite. It is 4.5 billion years old, and it impacted northern Scandinavia about a million years ago. The first fragment was found in 1906. Today we are able to use this amazing space metal to create unique pieces of jewelry.