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Tiger’s Eye and Moonstone: June’s Alternative Birthstones

If you were lucky enough to be born in June, you have not one, but four gemstone options to commemorate your birthday. Perhaps it’s perfect that Geminis, the chameleons of the zodiac, have classic pearls, rare alexandrite, ethereal moonstones and bold tiger eye to choose from. Equally beautiful and unique, moonstone and tiger’s eye make very different visual statements.

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Chrysoprase: The Other May Birthstone

Cuttlefish sterling silver earrings with chrysoprase - Christopher Taylor Timberlake Fine Art Jewelry

When you think of May, a brilliant green gemstone might come to mind. Of course! The glorious and ostentatious emerald hogs the spotlight this time of year. But there’s an equally beautiful, lesser-known green stone sharing the month of May. Chrysoprase.

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The Diamond Dilemma: Finding a Reliable Ethical Sourcing Process

canadian diamond - loose canadian diamond ethically sourced diamond

We all love admiring the sparkle of a beautifully cut diamond, but have you ever wondered where that diamond originated? Whose two hands mined it, unearthing it from the depths of rock—and where in the world they did so?
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Coffee, Cuttlefish & CreativeMornings

Cuttlefish mold post-metal casting - Christopher Taylor Timberlake

What can help a non-morning person through a 7 am wake up call? In our case, coffee, and lots of fire.

Recently, we hosted a FieldTrip for CreativeMornings. Wanting to provide a hands-on workshop for our fellow Austin-area creatives, we started with cuttlefish bones, which everyone used as a canvas for their unique design. Then we helped them cast their visions into existence using molten metal. Continue reading…

Caring For Your Jewelry



To prolong the life of your fine jewelry and protect it from damage, we recommend the following care: Continue reading…

Ring Sizing Tips

We highly recommend visiting at least two to three reputable jewelers to have your finger sized. They should use standard fit sizers, and they should agree on the size. It is also important to tell the jewelers how wide your ring will be since width is a determining factor in sizing.

Meteorite rings and rings with inlay cannot be re-sized.


How to Wear and Care for Your Meteorite Jewelry

Meteorite rings on a piece of raw Meteorite - Muonionalusta meteorite how to wear and care for meteorite rings and jewelry

An Uncommon Material

Meteorite is not the most common material for jewelry, so naturally we answer many questions and address many concerns about how meteorite should be worn and how it changes as it is worn.

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Adventures in Lapidary Etymology

Necklace with Mokumé Gane, Malachite, Azurite, and Chrystalline Azurite

Inspired by our previous support of The Allusionist (a podcast hosted by Helen Zaltzman highlighting the surprising history and etymology of words in the English language), we decided we’d take a closer look at some of the terms we use every day here at the studio.
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